New Skin Care Product – NeoEyes – Removes Bags Under The Eyes

The new NeoEyes ultra-hydrating cream makes the skin around the eyes ultra-hydrated thanks to the Aloe vera and elasticity-building Spirulina it contains. The cream hydrates the skin around the eyes, thus helping with the appearance of tired and puffy eyes. NeoEyes formula works to tighten the skin, minimizing overall puffiness within minutes.

NeoEyes eye cream guarantees a permanent effect, because it has complex action – it relieves swelling and puffiness around eyes, it activates the process of collagen and elastin production, and rejuvenates the skin of eyelids by normalizing the osmotic balance.

NeoEyes is newly produced skin care product intended for sale in Asia. The cream is already available in several Asian countries including Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Manufacturer announced that the first 100 pieces will be sold at discounted price.


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